ILS EMC Statement Re the LWC Youth Events Ocean Programme

The weather forecast for Noordwijk is for worsening conditions from Thursday evening. This will result in increasing winds on Friday to 20 knots and 35 knots on Saturday. An increasing swell to 2 metres along with a strong drift will also be experienced.

As a result the ILS Event Management Committee who is responsible for the safe delivery and conduct of the 2016 LWC has decided to commence the Youth Ocean events on Thursday at 1pm.
Arrangements are being made to have all teams with booked transport to moved from
Eindhoven to Noordwijk by 12 pm tomorrow at which time a team manager and safety
briefing will be conducted.

Marshalling will commence at 12.30pm with the following events to be conducted in order
on Thursday from 1pm:

  • Board Rescue Race
  • Tube Rescue Race
  • Surf Race
  • 2km Beach Run

The Chief Referee will advise the events to be conducted and the order for Friday and
Saturday to complete the Championship programme.

ILS Event Management Committee
Wednesday, 14 September 2016 at 12.30pm

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