The Hotels van Oranje as partner of the WC Lifesaving 2016!

The Hotels van Oranje have been a great part in the base of the WC Lifesaving last two weeks

The World Cup is in full swing and again we have a nice weekend ahead of us. The last two weeks the Hotels van Oranje and Beach Club O in Noordwijk were a great part in the base of the World Championships Lifesaving 2016. The Hotels van Oranje are the largest hotel on the Dutch coast, says CEO Jaap Liethof proudly. We asked him a few questions about the WC, which take place at his doorstep.

What is your personal experience with the Lifesaving world?

The Lifesaving club of Noordwijk are our neighbours and we are very happy with them. The social importance of the Lifesaving clubs in general is very important. Without them our guests can’t enjoy all of the beautiful beach of Noordwijk. They ensure that our guests are safe if they defy the sea. They do a fantastic job and we have a lot of respect for the many volunteers involved.

Why did you choose for a partnership with the World Championships Lifesaving?

The WC Lifesaving are literally on our doorstep! In addition, we try to support nice regional events as much as possible. Events like the WC Lifesaving 2016 make Noordwijk special and we should all embrace that, also the Hotels van Oranje.

What would you like to share with all the athletes and visitors of the World Championships Lifesaving 2016?

Enjoy the spectacle! The different events on the beach are so intense and enormously challenging that it’s worthwhile to visit this event. And our terraces love to welcome you to this event, from where you can watch the action beautifully.


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